About Made in India

About Us


This is a new and exciting retail website providing authentic, ethical and affordable home furnishings and art, direct from manufacturers in India.  Many of the items for sale are hand painted, beautiful and high quality and will bring a touch of colour and culture to your home. 

Label to Logo 

If the name of this website sounds familiar, it is probably because you have a label with ‘Made in India’ as the country of origin, in your home.  MADE IN INDIA seeks to bring that hidden label to the fore, to both appreciate and celebrate some of the most beautiful, authentic and affordable accessories and furnishings for your home.


Suppliers in India that contribute their wares to this retail company are committed to ensuring that their products have been produced in an ethical manner.  Having personally met all my suppliers in India, I am assured that their goods have been produced with workers’ welfare and conditions in mind. Sadly, this cannot be said of all organisations in India, as child labour is still prevalent in some parts of the country. 


MADE IN INDIA is committed to preventing and protecting children and women from labour exploitation.  Hence, the company will donate 5% of its annual profits to select charities in India committed to tackling such abuses and exploitation.  All your purchases and support for MADE IN INDIA will therefore contribute to this important cause.