Incense Containers and Sticks (Set of 3)
Incense Containers and Sticks (Set of 3)
Incense Containers and Sticks (Set of 3)
Made in India

Incense Containers and Sticks (Set of 3)

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Smooth, polished, metal containers with airtight lids to store your incense sticks.  Each container includes 15 incense stick in three scents namely Jasmine, Lavender and Bela.

It is recommended that incense sticks are stored away from moisture and light. A cool and dark location would be optimal. Storing your incense in an airtight container typically allows the incense to store longer without losing scent.

Set of 3 containers with 15 incense sticks in each. 

These containers have been made to order by suppliers in India who have been selected for their ethical workforce practices, and then imported to the UK.

MADE IN INDIA is committed to preventing and protecting children and women from labour exploitation, and will therefore donate 5% of its annual profits to select charities in India committed to tackling such abuses and exploitation.

All your purchases and support for MADE IN INDIA will contribute to this important cause.

Approx. Size: L4 x W4 x H19 cm (Each Container)